Top Gun Maverick Unreal Engine 5

Top Gun Maverick looks insane in Unreal Engine 5

Nik Samborsky has shared a video, featuring some shots from Top Gun Maverick in Unreal Engine 5. What’s also cool here is that Samborsky has included a comparison between the movie itself and these recreated scenes in Unreal Engine 5.

Samborsky was able to almost match the quality of the movie scenes. In fact, the second scene with the jet engine looks better in Unreal Engine 5. This is truly mind-blowing and shows what Epic’s engine can achieve at the hands of talented people.

I really hope that Samborsky will share an extended video with more scenes. For now, you can watch the short but incredible Unreal Engine 5 video below.

Top Gun Maverick in Unreal Engine 5

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