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Shadow Gambit : The Cursed Crew PC Review


Developer Mimimi Games has given us some excellent games, such as 2016’s Shadow Tactics and 2020’s Desperados III. Mimimi’s next game is finally here: Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. I actually played through Desperados III and all its DLC right before playing Shadow Gambit, so it’s nice to be able to make a fresh comparison. How well does it stack up to the previous games? Let’s find out. Continue reading Shadow Gambit : The Cursed Crew PC Review

Aliens Dark Descent PC Review


As a huge Aliens fan, I’m always excited to see a new game in this universe. This time around we get Aliens: Dark Descent, a real-time, squad-based tactical game, developed by Tindalos Interactive. Continue reading Aliens Dark Descent PC Review

Diablo IV Review: A Homecoming

It was June 2000. I was seventeen years old. School just got out for the summer. Then Diablo II unleashed upon the PC gaming world. My dear dad (rest his soul) generously bought several copies of the game for my friends and me. We spent the summer having LAN parties at my house, trying to overcome evil, one mouse click at a time. Those were the days. Continue reading Diablo IV Review: A Homecoming

Star Wars Jedi Survivor PC Review

When Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was released back in 2019, I wasn’t initially very interested in it. I ended up getting it at a good price and enjoyed it, so I’ve been looking forward to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. After 30 hours spent playing through the story and some side content, here are my thoughts. Continue reading Star Wars Jedi Survivor PC Review

Resident Evil 4 2023 PC Review

I’ve always enjoyed the Resident Evil series. I played the first games years ago on my PS1 and Resident Evil 4 on my PC when it was released in 2007. Even though I played through RE4 a few times back then, it’s been around 18 years since I’ve touched it. Continue reading Resident Evil 4 2023 PC Review

Hogwarts Legacy PC Review

I’ll be honest here, I’ve never had much of an interest in the Harry Potter series. I didn’t read the books, and in fact, I hadn’t watched most of the movies until recently (and that was to specifically prepare for the launch of the game, so I can write a more extensive review). Continue reading Hogwarts Legacy PC Review

Hi-Fi Rush PC Review

So, Hi-Fi Rush just shadow dropped out of nowhere, with little to no marketing behind it. It just kind of released. Developed by Tango Gameworks the studio behind The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 and Ghostwire Tokyo, comes this surprise. Is it worth it? Well, I’ve finished the campaign, and then some, which took me around 13 hours and here are my thoughts.  Continue reading Hi-Fi Rush PC Review

Dwarf Fortress Premium PC Review

Dwarf Fortress has been around since 2006 and I’ve actually been wanting to try it for years, but the ASCII visuals combined with the complexity of the game was somewhat of a deterrent. Although I did consider using a skin pack, I never got around to actually playing it. To my surprise though, a Steam premium version was released with mouse control, a UI and a visual overhaul, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to finally try the game. Continue reading Dwarf Fortress Premium PC Review

Crisis Core FFVII Reunion PC Review: Zany Zack Fun

In the first ten minutes of this remastered Crisis Core, I somersaulted onto a train, dodged bullets, slashed a behemoth to pieces, and clashed swords with the infamous Sephiroth. This game knows how to have absurd and quirky fun from start to finish. What a joyous contrast to so many ‘mature’ games of this age, a palette cleanser for all those preachy games. Continue reading Crisis Core FFVII Reunion PC Review: Zany Zack Fun

The Callisto Protocol PC Review

I’m a massive fan of the Dead Space series, and with Visceral having been closed down by EA, there was little hope of a new game in that franchise. When I found out that Glen Schofield and several other people from Visceral started a new studio and began production on The Callisto Protocol, I was excited. A spiritual sequel to Dead Space, perhaps? Well, it sure looked that way from the trailers. Continue reading The Callisto Protocol PC Review