Portal Fan Remake Unreal Engine 5

This Portal Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 5 looks absolutely stunning

Artist Alfred Beddow has shared some screenshots and a video from a fan remake of Portal’s first environment in Unreal Engine 5. The artist has recreated the entire first level from the ground up, and used Ray Tracing in order to enhance its visuals.

According to the artist, each asset was individually remade and retextured. Additionally, some of these textures are up to 8K resolution.

The end result is amazing, and gives us a look at what a modern-day remake of Portal could look like. From what we know so far, Beddow does not plan to release this map to the public. There are also no plans to turn this project into a full-fledged fan remake.

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Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-01Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-02Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-03 Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-04Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-05Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-06 Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-07Portal Unreal Engine 5-alfred-beddow-08

Portal Level 00 REMAKE in Unreal Engine 5 - [Ray-traced]