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Rock of Ages III: Make & Break PC Review

Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is a game that is virtually impossible to describe in one sentence. The official blurb mentions something about “competitive arcade action meets tower defense”, and that the game takes inspiration from Monty Python for its humour. However, this doesn’t even begin to describe how this latest entry brings together different art styles, gameplay genres, and even musical tastes. This is one quirky and whimsical game. Continue reading Rock of Ages III: Make & Break PC Review

Trackmania PC Review

I first played the original Trackmania Nations more than a decade ago. The game came with a PC magazine subscription, and it was amazing that such a top-notch arcade racer was freeware. Nowadays, even Grand Theft Auto games are handed out like mints with a restaurant cheque, but back then a free game like this was a big deal. Naturally, players jumped on this treasure and did what the internet does best: Took it further than anyone could ever have imagined. Continue reading Trackmania PC Review

Skelattack PC Review

My ultimate guilty pleasure of low IQ YouTube content is gamer rage compilations. Seeing a cocky streamer instantly reduced to an infant-like hissy fit after a big ol’ Game Over screen soothes even my worst days. However, as these poor fools decimate their expensive peripherals, consoles and monitors, I realise that I have fantasised about doing the same many times: There exists a subset of games that are just hazardous for the lifespan of your gaming hardware, and Skeleattack is a new offender. Continue reading Skelattack PC Review

Gears Tactics PC Review

With 2006’s Gears of War, Epic Games had crafted one of the most influential blueprints for a third-person shooter, one that has barely changed for more than a decade. Despite receiving some flak over the formulaic nature of the combat, all six mainline entries still find their roots in the classic, over the shoulder greatness that defines some of the most addictive action in gaming history. But what if the world of Gears could offer a completely different experience? Continue reading Gears Tactics PC Review

Streets of Rage 4 Review — Back in a Blaze of Glory

Longtime readers of DSOGaming remember I wrote a petition for a campaign known as #SEGAPCPorts. The petition called for Sega to increase the number of games which they ported to PC. Most of those games we asked for made their way to the PC eventually. So know that I write this as a dyed in the wool Sega fan and despite Sega’s off-hands approach to this sequel, it is none the less a historic Sega franchise.

Continue reading Streets of Rage 4 Review — Back in a Blaze of Glory

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 PC Review

It’s that time again folks! Put on your straw hats, check your log pose and join anime’s most endearing gang of pirates as they beat up more marines than you can physically count. After five years, Omega Force and Koei Tecmo have finally shifted the focus of the Warriors/musou series back to the One Piece anime, and the potency of this crossover is as clear as it has ever been. Continue reading One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 PC Review

DOOM Eternal PC Review: The End Is Nigh

The tagline of the game is “rip and tear, until it is done”, but ripping and tearing is only a portion of what the game has to offer. The DOOM Slayer has been unleashed upon earth to destroy everything that is evil in his path. You can rip and tear demons in half, or pull their freaking head off. You can slash and stab them in the jugular, or in the brain. You can shoot them in the face and break their necks. You can force feed them explosives and pull their disgusting eyes out. You can smash their head with your bloody fists or with your feet, stomping them until there’s nothing left. Hell, you can even reduce them to a puddle of blood and guts.

Continue reading DOOM Eternal PC Review: The End Is Nigh

Ori and the Will of the Wisps PC Review

It is hard to believe five years have passed since Ori and the Blind Forest debuted on our screens. Developers Moon Studios crafted a momentous game that not only reinvigorated the metroidvania genre, but also reminded players how beautiful and intricate these titles can be. Now the long-awaited sequel finally hits shelves, but how could any studio follow up on lightning in a bottle like this? Continue reading Ori and the Will of the Wisps PC Review