Silent Hill 2

Here is a faithful remake of Silent Hill 2 in Unreal Engine 5

YouTube’s ‘Silent’ has shared a video, showcasing Silent Hill 2 in Unreal Engine 5. Basically, Silent has exported the assets from Silent Hill 2 and then used them to recreate a couple of scenes in Unreal Engine 5. Silent’s goal was to push the original game to its limits with a modern game engine.

In order to improve the game’s original textures, the artist also used AI techniques. Additionally, Silent used some ray tracing reflections. Not only that, but he added dynamic shadows and an improved lighting system. Furthermore, this fan project has both first-person and third-person perspectives (alongside the traditional/classic viewpoint from the original game).

The end result is a game that looks very similar to the original Silent Hill 2 game. After all, it uses pretty much all of its assets. So I guess you can think of it as a remastered version of SH2 (though technically this is a remake as it was created from scratch).

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I Remade Silent Hill 2 with Unreal Engine 5 (Part 1)