GTA 6 in Unreal Engine 5

This Grand Theft Auto 6 Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 5 looks horrendous

YouTube’s ‘TeaserPlay’ has shared a new video, showcasing a Grand Theft Auto 6 Remake in Unreal Engine 5 which looks horrendous. And while TeaserPlay used UE5’s Nanite and Lumen, this fan remake doesn’t do the engine justice.

For starters, even at 4K, there is a lot of aliasing. Everything looks blurry like someone has thrown vaseline all over the screen. There are also numerous flickering issues with distant objects, and you can see the end of the map at 1:00. So, this is basically a very small town area filled with cars and NPCs.

The biggest graphical offender though is the 1fps animation of the palm trees. These animations look horrible. Due to these low-framerate animations, there are also some awful moving shadows that can completely destroy the overall image.

Now there are some cool elements here, like the skybox and, in some scenes, the lighting. You can also tell that the artists have put some work into this (as it’s not your typical asset flipper video). Still, this could have been so much better. And, since I’m sure numerous sites will share the video with glorious headlines, we wanted to put things in their place.

TeaserPlay has recreated a lot of classic games in order to increase its audience numbers. We’ve seen concept remakes of Red Dead RevolverFar Cry 7Dark Souls 4Half-Life 2 and Resident Evil 4 Remake, Fallout New VegasSilent HillDino CrisisBullyGod of WarAssassin’s Creed InfinityGrand Theft Auto Vice CityGrand Theft Auto San AndreasGrand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto III. And it’s a clever way to get more clicks, no doubt about it. However, it’s a shame that they are not putting a little more effort into their videos!

GTA 6™ But in Unreal Engine 5