Peacemaker Mod for GTA 5

Suicide Squad’s Peacemaker comes to GTA 5 thanks to this amazing mod

Talented modder ‘JulioNIB’ has released a new mod that brings Suicide Squad’s Peacemaker to Rockstar’s open-world game, GTA 5. To showcase what players can do with this mod, JulioNIB shared a new gameplay video that we highly recommend watching.

Going into more details, Peacemaker comes with his jetpack which he can use. He also has some unique attack moves, like the Sonic Boom Grenades, Torpedo and Sonic Boom. The modder has also included some lines delivered by John Cena. Obviously, these lines are from the Suicide Squad movie and the Peacemaker show. Still, they are a nice touch.

JulioNIB has been constantly releasing incredible mods for Grand Theft Auto 5. His mods have been really polished, and they showcase why mods are so important in PC games. Seriously, this type of mods can give new life to your favourite titles.

Right now, this mod is available only to JulioNIB’s patrons. However, once it leaves its Early Access/Beta phase, it will become available to everyone. That’s what the modder has been doing these past couple of years.

JulioNIB has released lots of cool mods for GTA 5. For instance, there is a Grand Theft Auto 5 Marvel Thanos Endgame mod, as well as a PS4 Marvel Spider-Man mod. Furthermore, you can find a Predator Mod, an X-men Magneto Mod, a Hulk Mod, and a King Kong/Godzilla Mod. You can also find a Dragon Ball Mod, a Flash Mod, a Green Goblin Mod and a Ghostrider Mod. And, in case you’re wondering, his God of War Mod is still in its Early Access phase.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Peacemaker in GTA 5