This mod lets you become the Flash in Grand Theft Auto V, now with more powers than ever

Back in April 2016, talented modder ‘JulioNIB’ released a Flash mod for Grand Theft Auto V. And yesterday, JulioNiB has updated this mod, adding more powers and abilities, and improving all previous powers.

JulioNiB has added a power selection wheel, a hover feature using tornado hands, a feature to phase current vehicle, a player phase feature, a mid air attack, a tornado hands attack, a “phase to ground” attack, the ability to grab pedestrians and throw them, as well as the ability to carry pedestrians.

The modder has also improved the tornado attack, thrown lightning attack, heart attack, punch machine attack, wall ride, jump and free fall, as well as the trail special effects.

I haven’t tested this mod yet so I can’t comment on its quality, however JulioNiB has released a video showing the mod in action.

In order to make this mod work, players will have to install the latest version of the ScripthookVDotNet. Those interested can download the mod from here.


[Download] GTA 5 - The Flash v2 - New powers