GTA 5 Restored Songs Mod

This GTA 5 Mod restores all the songs that were cut from the game

Modder ‘girlsonfilm’ has released a must-have mod for GTA 5 that restores all the songs that were cut from it. This mod adds more than 100 songs, so make sure to download it as it can significantly improve your in-game experience.

Now what’s cool here is that this mod does not replace any existing music stations or tracks. Instead, it adds more free content to the game. Furthermore, the mod features a fan’s interpretation of what the cut P.M.R station from GTA V could’ve entailed.

Pre-Millennium Radio is an unequivocal celebration of the A and B-sides of 90s rock, featuring a lengthy but uncompromising 76-song tracklist. P.M.R is an eclectic mix of alternative rock, grunge, britpop, industrial rock, shoegaze, baggy, rap rock, post-hardcore, nu-metal, indie, pop rock, dream pop, math rock, pop/skate punk, slacker rock and hard rock.

Since this mod adds a lot of songs to GTA 5, I won’t be listing them. Still, you can browse its list on its NexusMods page (from which you can download it). Below you can also find two videos that showcase the mod in action. It’s a pretty neat mod, so go ahead and give it a go.

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Have fun and stay tuned for more!

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