PS4 Marvel Spider-Man mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available for free download

Back in March, we informed you about a Spiderman mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. And today, I’m happy to report that modder JulioNIB has finally released this mod to the public. Not only that, but this public release is not put behind a Patreon wall, meaning that everyone can go ahead and download it for free.

This mod allows players to web swing with a variation in animations and ending animations, web zip to target, hang upside down from various objects, wall climb, web grab and attach targets and web grab and throw vehicles. It also features both melee and special melee attacks, and all of them are based on the PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man game.

Going into more details, Web swing can be canceled pressing Jump button again (and it will go faster and higher when you do). For more realism, Web swing needs close buildings in order to work (though this is optional feature and can be disabled in the mod Options menu).

Furthermore, players can enable Web rodeo vehicle doors via the mod Options menu. Players can also Web rodeo pedestrians by grabbing them using Grab button (may need to hold Ctrl (Aim button) if isn’t a enemy [green target]), and by then holding Attack button down, the target color will change to either white (results in simple push), yellow (results in ground web rodeo) or red (results in air web rodeo).

Last but not least, Web swing kick attack depends on distance and height, Web swing to target can be cancelled by holding the Jump button, and by holding the Web swing button while on walls you will make Spider-man climb up running and jump high + ahead when getting close to top of the building (similar to the X press action in the PS4 game).

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Have fun!

[DOWNLOAD] GTA V Spiderman mod by JulioNIB