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Here’s your first look at GTA 5 with DLSS 3 Frame Generation

Modder ‘PureDark’ has released a video, showcasing Grand Theft Auto 5 with DLAA and DLSS 3 Frame Generation. This mod aims to improve the performance of GTA5, though it would be better if the modder focused on GTA IV.

I brought up Grand Theft Auto 4 because we all know how poorly it runs on PC, even today. Unlike GTA 5, which can run smoothly on lots of different computers, GTA 4 is still a bit of a headache on PC. It can be so awful that you have to use DXVK just to make it fun to play. That says a lot in my opinion.

Anyway, with DLSS 3 Frame Generation, owners of the RTX40 series graphics cards can almost double their performance. This will be great for those that have heavily modified GTA5. With DLSS 3, you can get amazing framerates in 4K with the best graphics mods, such as NVE, QuentV and ENB. Not only that but DLAA (as well as DLSS Super Resolution) can improve the game’s image quality. Let’s not forget that GTAV uses TAA for its anti-aliasing solution. So yeah, DLSS 3 Super Resolution will be a must-have in this game for all RTX owners.

And now for the bad news. As with all DLSS 3 mods from PureDark, this one will also be behind a Patreon wall. So no, you won’t be able to download and use it for free. This sucks but hey, it is what it is. Let’s at least hope that other modders, like LukeFZ, will release free DLSS 3 mods for both GTA5 and GTA 4.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto 5, we also suggest taking a look at these free mods for it. For instance, we have this mod that overhauls over 70 side characters. Then there is this Real Life Beverly Hills ModNaturalVision Evolved Mod is a graphical overhaul mod that aims to improve the game’s lighting. QuantV is interesting another graphical mod for Rockstar’s open-world title. Earlier this month, we also shared a mod that restored all the songs that were cut from the game. And then we have all the amazing mods the JulioNIB has shared over the past few years.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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