GTA5 mod screenshot

Grand Theft Auto 5 looks glorious in 8K with Ray Tracing Reshade & Mods

Digital Dreams has shared a new video, showcasing Grand Theft Auto 5 running in 8K on an NVIDIA RTX 3090. Alongside the QuantV and GTA5 Real Life Pack, Digital Dreams also used Ray Tracing Reshade in order to enhance the game’s visuals. The end result is what we’d expect from a new remaster of GTA5 for current-gen systems.

Now the good news here is that QuantV is available for free, and you can download it from here. As for Raytracing Reshade, you can gain access to it by supporting Pascal “Marty McFly” Gilcher on Patreon. GTA5 Real Life Pack adds real-life cars and objects, so you can basically skip that mod.

Since we don’t expect to see Grand Theft Auto 6 anytime soon, it’s good having these graphical mods. And, to be honest, these mods may very well provide a better experience than what next-gen console gamers will be getting. GTA 5 will come to Xbox Series X and PS5 on November 11th. And while Rockstar claimed that it will have some new features, I don’t really expect much from it. Don’t get me wrong. It will be great if Rockstar adds native Ray Tracing support for Shadows, Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion. However, and at least for now, the team has not announced any RT effects for these upcoming versions.

Speaking of GTA 5, you may want to give Grand Theft Auto 5 Remake Mod a go. There are also numerous mods that add characters from other franchises. For instance, there is a Grand Theft Auto 5 Marvel Thanos Endgame mod. There is also a PS4 Marvel Spider-Man mod. Furthermore, you can find a Predator Mod, an X-men Magneto Mod, a Hulk Mod. You can also find a Dragon Ball Mod, a Flash Mod, a Green Goblin Mod a Superman Mod and a Ghostrider Mod.

Have fun!

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