Grand Theft Auto V feature-2

Grand Theft Auto 5 looks absolutely gorgeous with this 4K Ultimate Mod

Digital Dreams has released a new video, showcasing Grand Theft Auto 5 with the Ultimate Mod. GTA 5 Ultimate Mod adds 4K textures, as well as some other graphical improvements.

Now the bad news is that this mod is behind a paywall. From what we know, there isn’t any public release for it yet, and it’s only available for Frosty Series X OV3RK1LL’s Patreon members.

Additionally, Digital Dreams used Ultra Realistic GTA V. This mod adds ENB and Ray Tracing Global Illumination effects to the game. The RT implementation is via Reshade, so don’t expect native Ray Tracing effects.

Still, this video looks amazing so we really had to share it with you. GTA V modded can come close to modern-day triple-A games, something that shows how amazing mods can actually be.

Grand Theft Auto V: 4K RTX 3090 Ultimate Mod - Ultra Realistic Raytracing Graphics

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