Ultimate GTA5 Superman Mod

Ultimate GTA 5 Superman mod is now available for download

JulioNiB has released a Superman Mod for Grand Theft Auto 5, that is currently available for download to everyone. This mod is based on JulioNiB’s older Superman mod, and promises to be the ultimate/best Superman mod for GTA 5.

This mod introduces super strength, super velocity and supersonic flight. It also enables health regeneration and introduces a sun energy feature. As such, Superman can regenerate his energy with the power of the Sun.

Naturally, this mod also packs melee attacks, charged melee attacks, and combo melee attacks. It will also allow players to grab and throw targets, gently carry persons, and customize their suits via the suit.ini file.

Lastly, this Superman mod features the following super powers:

  • Laser attack
  • Slice Laser attacks
  • Laser Blast attack
  • Laser Vaporize attacks
  • Heat target weapon (disarm target)
  • Heart/Head rip off
  • Heart/Head smash (hold attack with grabbed heart/head)
  • Burn target eyes with laser
  • Blast target head with laser
  • Super wind blow
  • Freeze wind blow
  • Solar Flare

JulioNiB is a really talented modder and has released a lot of mods for GTA 5. Thus, we suggest downloading most, if not all, of them. For instance, there is a Grand Theft Auto 5 Marvel Thanos Endgame mod. There is also PS4 Marvel Spider-Man mod. Furthermore, you can find a Predator Mod, an X-men Magneto Mod, a Hulk Mod. You can also find a Dragon Ball Mod, a Flash Mod, a Green Goblin Mod and a Ghostrider Mod.

You can download this mod from here, and you can find some installation instructions here.