AB AETERNO feature

AB AETERNO is a STALKER-inspired VR game, demo coming out soon

VR Kemono is currently working on a VR survival game, called AB AETERNO. AB AETERNO seems to be heavily inspired by the STALKER series, and a demo for it will release soon.

AB AETERNO promises to feature an original story and ultimate survival mechanics. The game is using the Unity Engine, Hurricane VR framework and Final IK.

Its demo will take place in the middle of its first episode. Players will be visiting one of the game’s factions for the first time, and there will be a number of activities. For instance, there will be a trade minigame. There will also a shooting range so players can test some of the game’s weapons.

Now while AB AETERNO sounds cool, I’d suggest tempering your expectations. The game appears to be in an early development stage, and its demo will only feature basic AI and NPCs. Therefore, don’t expect anything mind-blowing.

AB AETERNO will be available on Steam, Oculus Store and Quest.

Enjoy the following videos!

AB AETERNO - What to expect in Demo (WIP level review and explanation)

AB AETERNO - Demo WIP Update, Testing targets

AB AETERNO - WIP Demo level progress update