Skyrim Cut Content

After hundreds of hours of work, a modder is restoring content that was cut from Skyrim, including locations, NPCs, items and dialogue

After hundreds of hours of work, modder ‘Unorthodogg’ is restoring content that was cut from Skyrim Special Edition. This is a thirteen-part mod series, in which the modder attempts to add everything he could find that was removed or cut, and put it back in the game. So, let’s take a look at it.

Right now, the modder has restored the content in eight regions. These are:

Haafingar / Solitude
Hjaalmarch / Morthal
The Pale / Dawnstar
The Reach / Markarth
The Rift / Riften
Falkreath | Granite Hill

Now I won’t be listing below the content that was restored in the aforementioned eight regions. Otherwise, you’d be scrolling down for hours. Since I’ve listed the links, though, you can find more details on their pages.

For the best experience, the modder suggests using them on a New Game. The mods should work on pre-existing saves and they should be okay to install mid-game. However, there are certain parts in Whiterun like Anoriath going outside and the stables scene that can depend on player progress.

Do note that at the moment, Unorthodogg has not restored any quests. From what I know, he also does not plan to any of them in future versions. Nevertheless, this new free content is something that some Skyrim fans may appreciate.

As I said, this is a 13-part mod series. In the next few days, we expect the modder to release the other five parts.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!