Skyrim Special Edition Light Limit Fix Mod-2

This must-have Skyrim Mod adds unlimited dynamic light sources

Modders ‘doodlez’ and ‘alandtse’ have released a must-have mod for Skyrim Special Edition that enables unlimited dynamic light sources. Not only that,  but Skyrim now uses a custom clustered shading implementation for high-performance, similar to that used in Starfield.

What’s also amazing here is that the Light Limit Fix Mod implements contact shadows for all lights. It also adds shadows for first-person torches and light spells. The mod also has a high-performance lighting system for the grass.

In short, this mod will significantly improve the graphics of Skyrim, especially in indoor areas. Thus, we highly recommend downloading it from here.

In order to showcase the visual improvements, the modders released the following video. Again, this is a must-have mod for everyone who wants to replay Skyrim.

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Have fun!

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