Skyrim Special Edition Apotheosis Mod

Skyrim Special Edition DLC-sized Mod, Apotheosis, gets new trailer

The team behind the upcoming DLC-sized fan expansion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Apotheosis, has released a new trailer for it.

The Apotheosis Mod started as a fan expansion for the original version of Skyrim. However, its team has now decided to upgrade its engine and continue development on Skyrim Special Edition.

Apotheosis is a dark fantasy, story-rich, open-world expansion for Skyrim that is set across the 17 Planes of Oblivion, and ‘Dreamsleeve’, in an echo of a fallen world.

According to the team, storytelling, quests and narrative design, as integral pillars of Apotheosis, focus on reactivity and player freedom. Furthermore, the team is also developing some new gameplay systems that will be tied to its narrative.

The Elder Scrolls: Apotheosis Mod currently targets a 2025 release date.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

The Elder Scrolls: Apotheosis - Teaser Trailer | Releasing 2025