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Wyrmstooth is an expansion-sized mod for Skyrim Special Edition

Wyrmstooth is a new mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. This mod adds a new quest, new landscapes, new dungeons, and a new shout. In addition, the mod brings new weapons, shields, and spells.

In Wyrmstooth, you as the Dragonborn, are being commissioned by the East Empire Company to hunt and slay a dragon, which is responsible for interrupting trade routes throughout Skyrim. However, nothing is ever simple, and something sinister might be hidden behind the actions of the dragon.

The new quest will take the Dragonborn to the island of Wyrmstooth, which is located north of Solitude across the Sea of Ghosts. In this island,  the Dragonborn  will delve into one of the largest dungeons in Tamriel.

Furthermore, you can purchase an abandoned imperial fort, and make it your very own home castle. You can hire staff, and also defend it from unwanted visitors.

Lastly, a mod configuration menu is included in the mod, which will allow you to configure quest start requirements.  For more information make sure to read the description of the mod here.

You can download the mod from here, and don’t forget to read the installation guide for the mod. Also, in case you like it, make sure to endorse the mod as it will really help its creator!

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Below you can watch some videos showcasing the Wyrmstooth mod.


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Wyrmstooth - Official Trailer

Skyrim Mods Showcase: Wyrmstooth