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This Skyrim Special Edition Mod adds over 7000 voiced lines via AI

Mathiew May has released a must-have mod for all Skyrim fans out there. As the title suggests, this mod adds over 7000 voiced lines to Skyrim Special Edition, making your character voice over the dialogue lines.

Now what’s really cool here is that Mathiew May used an AI in order to pre-generate all of these voiced lines. Currently, the mod features a female voice. Furthermore, the modder claims that the mod is highly versatile and that adding more voice lines will be very easy.

In future versions, the modder will improve the response time from an NPC after a line is spoken. Furthermore, they will add more voice lines, and allow other content creators to make their own voice packs.

You can download the mod from here. You can also find below a video that showcases the mod in action.

This audio mod is compatible with all the HD Texture Packs we’ve shared. As such, you can use it alongside this mod that adds high-quality/high-polygon NPCs. You can also use it with the 8K Texture Pack for ice surfaces, this 8K/4K Texture Pack, as well as this 4K Texture Pack for animals and creatures, and this 4K pack for all dungeons. Skurkbro’s High Quality Landscapes Texture Pack should also be compatible with it.

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Have fun!

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