PlayStation 4 feature

PlayStation 4 emulator, shadPS4 V0.1.0, can run some 3D games

Now here is something that may please some PlayStation 4 fans. A new PlayStation 4 emulator, called shadPS4, is now capable of running some 3D commercial PS4 games on PC.

In the following video, we get to see one of the One Piece games that came out on PS4 running on shadPS4. Now, as you will see, there are A LOT of graphical glitches and issues. Still, the fact that the emulator can run 3D commercial games is a huge step.

Not only that, but the emulator can also load Persona 5 and Resident Evil: Origins Collection. However, I don’t know whether Bloodborne can load at all with it.

Again, this is a huge step for the PS4 emulation scene. However, we should be realistic here. We won’t be able to load, run, and play Bloodborne anytime soon. So, don’t expect the PS4 emulators to run games like The Order 1886, Bloodborne, or Killzone Shadow Fall in 2025 or 2026. It will take longer to fully emulate them.

This is the seventh PS4 emulator that is currently in development. The other six are psOff, fpPS4SpineRPCSXKyty and GPCS4.

Now I don’t know whether the other PS4 emulators are as advanced as shadPS4. Most of them are open-source, so their devs should be able to make them just as good as shadPS4.

Those interested can go ahead and download the shadPS4 V0.1.0 from this link. Just keep in mind that the emulator is still in a very early stage. So, make sure to temper your expectations.

Have fun and stay tuned for more!