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DSOGaming – Mortal Kombat X Review

When Mortal Kombat X was first released I avoided reviewing it because it was an absolute train-wreck, there were tons of video glitches, a locked framerate, and to top it all of some players couldn’t even launch the game. It looked as if Mortal Kombat X was going to be yet another crappy console port. Well all of that has changed. Continue reading DSOGaming – Mortal Kombat X Review

DSOGaming – Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Review

Battlefield: Hardline is as it is, another game in a long series of games and although the cops vs robbers approach is different from what Battlefield gamers are used to, the game still feels so familiar. Hardline is a little too familiar for my liking and I often found playing it to be almost a chore. Continue reading DSOGaming – Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Review

Unstoppable Gorg Review

Futuremark is a talented studio. Although their first game, Shattered Horizon, didn’t meet a commercial success and its fan base was really small, it was amazing, addictive and full of great ideas. Needless to say that I was excited when I heard that the company was preparing a new game. But when I found out that Unstoppable Gorg would be a Tower Defense game, I got disappointed. And when I got the chance to,actually play it, I liked and enjoyed it, even though I’m not a fan of this genre. You see, most of the Tower Defense games require a ‘trial and error’ approach and… well… I hate that. And although this approach is pretty evident at the later levels of Unstoppable Gorg, it’s still a lot of fun. Continue reading Unstoppable Gorg Review