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Pieter Naude

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Bio: Pieter hails all the way from the tip of southern Africa and suffers from serious PC technophilia. Therapists say it is incurable. Now he has to remind himself constantly that gaming doesn’t count as a religion even if DRM is the devil. Thankfully, writing reviews sometimes helps with the worst symptoms.

Posts by Pieter Naude:

The first level of Hitman 3 has been beaten in under ten seconds

Posted on: 25 Jan 2021

Agent 47 of the well-beloved Hitman franchise is the ultimate knife in the dark. His methods of performing high profile executions are so swift, so cunning that the job is done before his targets even knew it began.  Now a handful of speedrunners are adding a whole new spin on how quick the legendary Silent … Continue reading The first level of Hitman 3 has been beaten in under ten seconds

Rumor: Ubisoft+ to join Microsoft Game Pass

Posted on: 06 Jan 2021

In case you missed it, a rumour has been doing the rounds for some time that Ubisoft might add their in-house game subscription service to Game Pass Ultimate. In a tweet posted the day before New Year’s eve, a senior editor at windowscentral.com stated that this possible merger with Microsoft is highly likely.

Dirt 5 PC Review

Posted on: 05 Dec 2020

Whereas bolting a wheel and pedals to a desk was once enough to call yourself a simulation rally racer, this sub-genre of gaming has since evolved into something much more elaborate. Today’s sim fanatics build up colossal, multi-monitor racing rigs fitted with custom-made gauges. They even wear helmets and buy licensed peripherals covered with the … Continue reading Dirt 5 PC Review

Serious Sam 4 PC Review

Posted on: 24 Oct 2020

When it comes to making sequels for the Serious Sam games, Croteam tends to follow a rather radical strategy. With the release of every new Serious Sam installment, this talented studio has grown ever more ambitious in experimenting with their I.P.’s visual style and thematic content. Their method seems to have paid off because despite … Continue reading Serious Sam 4 PC Review

PC re-releases for Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania probably on the way

Posted on: 23 Sep 2020

Video games outlet Gematsu reports that the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee rated several classic Konami I.P.’s for a release on PC. Amidst these games that might eventually land on computers is none other than three of Hideo Kojima’s most iconic entries into the stealth genre.

Windbound PC Review

Posted on: 13 Sep 2020

If there is one good thing to come out this wretched epidemic, it is the blissful absence of endless vacation photos on social media. Look, we all deserve time off every now and then, but the constant barrage of people reclining on white, sandy beaches would make anyone develop an inferiority complex. So whenever travelling … Continue reading Windbound PC Review

Othercide PC Review

Posted on: 30 Aug 2020

Isn’t Focus Home Interactive just amazing? They are one of the last major publishers still working consistently with smaller studios to release unique I.P.’s. If ever the endless stream of AAA sequels start  to feel like clones off the factory line, playing something from Focus Home Interactive never fails to offer a refreshing experience. I … Continue reading Othercide PC Review

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes from the creators of Suikoden exceeds all initial Kickstarter goals

Posted on: 01 Aug 2020

Last week we released an article on a Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming game Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes by the same creators of the widely-beloved JRPG Suikoden. The dormant fan base was clearly waiting for this moment because they have matched every one of the game’s opening Kickstarter goals.

Preorders open for gaming PC’s built by Konami

Posted on: 29 Jul 2020

If you like playing Konami games on PC, would you also like playing PC games on Konami? Pre-orders have recently opened to the Japanese public for a new series of slick-looking gaming desktops, and their assembly is being directed by none other than the gaming publisher itself.

Rock of Ages III: Make & Break PC Review

Posted on: 29 Jul 2020

Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is virtually impossible to describe in one sentence. The official blurb mentions something about “competitive arcade action meets tower defense”, and that the game takes inspiration from Monty Python for its humour. However, this doesn’t even begin to describe how this third entry mashes together different art styles, gameplay … Continue reading Rock of Ages III: Make & Break PC Review