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DSOGaming – Kwaan Review

I usually try to balance out my gaming plate with a nice big helping of indie games, although in the past I haven’t had the time to review a lot of them simply because there were so many big releases that the indie games kind of fell below my radar. Kwaan has my latest does of Indie and it definitely gets a lot of things right while also falling short in many other departments. Lets dig a little deeper. Continue reading DSOGaming – Kwaan Review

DSOGaming – XCOM 2 Review

I have never been so frustrated with a game while also so driven to finish it. XCOM 2 even at its easiest difficulty is absolutely brutal and only the most diligent of commanders will be able to make it through the entire game without losing any of your troops and even then it is unlikely. In my 35 hours of gameplay I only lost 3 of my own, and they were not rookies either. Continue reading DSOGaming – XCOM 2 Review

DSOGaming – Punch Club Review

Before Punch Club was ever released publicly many of us were already intimately familiar with it as the developers let Twitch beat the game before it was released. This a good publicity stunt by the developers because it put their game in the spotlight at very little cost to them, so kudos to them on that aspect. My first impressions of Punch Club were that it was nothing more than Fighting Sim 2016, but it is much more than that. Let’s dig in. Continue reading DSOGaming – Punch Club Review

DSOGaming – UnderRail Review

UnderRail is an isometric CRPG that throws us back to an era where RPGs had no spoken dialog and had very lengthy descriptions of the environment and the people and/or things that inhabit it. UnderRail may not have the graphics that one would expect from a games released at the same time, but this clearly intentional as to really provide a classic experience. This is easy to tell because the environments are incredibly detailed. Continue reading DSOGaming – UnderRail Review

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below Impressions

It seems Koei Tecmo might have finally put together an acceptable PC port, under Square Enix’s label. Let’s get the technical stuff done with here given Koei Tecmo’s iffy history on our platform. Continue reading Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below Impressions

DSOGaming – Sword Coast Legends Review

Strap in everyone, this is a long one.

Sword Coast Legend is a Action-RPG developed by n-space in collaboration with Digital Extremes set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Although this is no Baldurs gate or even a Neverwinter Nights. Sword Coast Legends has some pretty big shoes to fill in the eyes of fans of the Dungeons and Dragons fans, and it does fill them… like a toddler in the shoes of Shaquille O’Neal. Continue reading DSOGaming – Sword Coast Legends Review

DSOGaming – Mortal Kombat X Review

When Mortal Kombat X was first released I avoided reviewing it because it was an absolute train-wreck, there were tons of video glitches, a locked framerate, and to top it all of some players couldn’t even launch the game. It looked as if Mortal Kombat X was going to be yet another crappy console port. Well all of that has changed. Continue reading DSOGaming – Mortal Kombat X Review