Grand Theft Auto 5 Batman Mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 gets an amazing Batman Mod with custom animations

Talented modder ‘JulioNIB’ has released the final pre-release version of his Batman mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. This mod lets you become the Dark Knight, and comes with numerous abilities as well as some custom moves.

For this mod, JulioNIB created some custom animations. Theoretically, this will open the door for some even more impressive mods.

Thanks to this mod, Batman can use his grapple gun hook and glide with his cape. He can also use batarangs and call special weapons and vehicles. Not only that, but he has access to batclaw kick and dive bomb attacks, as well as the disarm target, smoke, freeze, incendiary and electric shock gadget attacks.

You can download the final pre-release mod from here. As always, JulioNIB will make the final version available to everyone (once it’s ready).

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My first custom animations for GTA 5 - Batman script mod