The Witcher 3 Horses Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

This mod brings the horses from The Witcher 3 to Skyrim Special Edition

WillOhTheWisp has released a pretty cool mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that adds to it the horses from The Witcher 3. As the modder noted, the mod has a vast new variety of horse coat colors, converted from The Witcher 3, Fera’s Roach and Horse Overhaul, and Fera’s Tribute Horses.

Here are the key features of the Witcher Horse Expansion:

  • 20 unique horses with special effects and optional ENB light that can found throughout Skyrim and Solstheim
  • 21 ESO inspired horses that can be found throughout Skyrim
  • 56 unique horse coats distributed throughout the horses of Skyrim
  • Zorse that accompanies M’aiq on his travels and that will appear alongside M’aiq during his roadside encounter
  • Karinda restored to the Whiterun Stables
  • Two breeds of wild horse herds that roam the open plains and snowy mountainsides of Skyrim
  • Unicorns with 28 different wing options

For future releases, WillOhTheWisp plans to add special abilities to the unique horses. The modder will also tweak to weight painting (especially the saddles), and animate unicorn wings.

You can download the mod from here.

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Have fun!