Game of Thrones dragons mod for Skyrim Special Edition-1

This mod brings the dragons from Game of Thrones to Skyrim Special Edition

Modder ‘KaienHash’ has released an amazing mod for Skyrim Special Edition, that adds to it the main three dragons from Game of Thrones. As such, players can expect to see Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.

Do note that this mod only covers the dragons from Game of Thrones. Dragons that appear in House of the Dragon, like Vhagar or Syrax, are not present.

Furthermore, XilaMonstrr has cleaned these textures of compression artifacts and optimized them for SSE. The modder is currently offering a 16K version of these textures, so we highly recommend downloading them.

You can download the original mod from here. Then, you can go ahead and download the 16K textures for the dragons from here.

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Have fun!

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