Skyrim Special Edition - Elden Root - A Tale Of Valenwood Mod

Skyrim Special Edition gets a new DLC-sized fan expansion, featuring new enemies, animals, ingredients & more

Yesterday, we shared a mod for Skyrim Special Edition that aimed to overhaul over 150 NPCs. And today, we have a brand new DLC-sized fan expansion for our Skyrim fans.

Created by modder ‘arminZX12’, this DLC-sized fan expansion will take you to visit the city of Elden Root and its huge forests.

You can download this fan expansion from here. Below you can also find its key features, as well as a video for it.

Skyrim Special Edition Elden Root – A Tale Of Valenwood Key Features
  • New ingredients (more than 20) to find in the jungle.
  • New animals to hunt, some hidden and others very difficult to catch.
  • New critters, some very rare and others that will only appear at certain locations and times.
  • New enemies like cannibal tribes, lurchers and fairies!
  • New Bosmer-style weapons, armors, amulets, shrines, spells and a station to create new types of magic arrows.
  • New foods, drinks and recipes typical of the wood elf lore.
  • New Loadscreens during fast travels on the map.
  • Small player home with some essential amenities and a cute new animal follower
Skyrim: Walk Into A Wonderland - Elden Root

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Have fun!