Halo 4 feature

Halo may ditch the Slipspace Engine over Unreal Engine 5

According to numerous reports that surfaced yesterday, Halo may ditch Slipspace Engine over Epic’s Unreal Engine. If this actually does happen, the next Halo may be the next triple-A game that will ditch its in-house engine over Unreal Engine. And yes, the previous triple-A game that did this was The Witcher 4.

Another team that abandoned its in-house engine was Flying Wild Hog. Instead of using the Roadhog Engine, Flying Wild Hog will be also using Unreal Engine for its future games. Let’s also not forget that STALKER 2 uses Unreal Engine 5.

Given the fact that Halo Infinite was downgraded (and suffered from major graphical and optimization issues), it makes perfect sense to sunset the Slipsace Engine. It also makes perfect sense to use Unreal Engine 5 which right now has the most advanced tech features.

343 Industries has not commented yet on these rumors. As always, though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!