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Unstoppable Gorg Review

Futuremark is a talented studio. Although their first game, Shattered Horizon, didn’t meet a commercial success and its fan base was really small, it was amazing, addictive and full of great ideas. Needless to say that I was excited when I heard that the company was preparing a new game. But when I found out that Unstoppable Gorg would be a Tower Defense game, I got disappointed. And when I got the chance to,actually play it, I liked and enjoyed it, even though I’m not a fan of this genre. You see, most of the Tower Defense games require a ‘trial and error’ approach and… well… I hate that. And although this approach is pretty evident at the later levels of Unstoppable Gorg, it’s still a lot of fun. Continue reading Unstoppable Gorg Review

Hard Reset PC Review

Hard Reset’s preview code was great, that is something we have to admit. However, there was a big concern while playing it; could a company announce and release so quickly a highly polished game? Apparently not as Hard Reset is plagued by two major issues that have a negative impact to the whole gaming experience. It ends before it even starts and there is a limited type of enemies. Continue reading Hard Reset PC Review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Review

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning. Ladies and gentlemen, here is our GOTY 2011 (well… at least so far). Deus Ex: Human Revolution is exactly what all Deus Ex fans have been waiting for. It provides you with the ability to complete every single mission the way you want to. It features a classic inventory system, has lots of augmentations and Easter eggs and its level design is by far the best we’ve seen so far. Is it perfect? Of course not but this doesn’t mean anything as you will agree with us when you get the chance to play it; this is the GOTY 2011. Continue reading Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Review

Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

I was really wondering how to begin writing this Review. Should I say that Duke Nukem Forever is finally here with us? “No shit dude, we can already see it” would be the answer from most of you. Should I say that I was not impressed with the low scores from all other gaming sites? It’s too obvious. Should I say that we won’t have our classic April’s Fool joke from this moment on? Hmmm, perhaps I should invent another one, like Duke Nukem Forever & Ever. Or should I say that it was not worth the wait? Nyaaaaah. After all, you can see its score so you should already know the answer. Perhaps I should borrow the lyrics of a Greek song: ‘What? Tell me what? I don’t know what to tell you. It was the end of an era!’ Continue reading Duke Nukem Forever PC Review