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Website: DSOGaming : https://www.dsogaming.com
Bio: Spencer joined us in early 2015, previously a console centric gamer he switched to PC a few years ago. He later helped push for an increase in Japanese content on PC with the #SEGAPCPorts campaign. Previously he ran a SEGA fansite as well as co-hosted a gaming podcast. He thinks Duke Nukem 3D is the best FPS of all time, his text message alert on his phone is literally Duke Nukem saying “Let God sort ’em out.” Contact: Email

Posts by Spencer:

Gaming After Dark Episode 12

Posted on: 13 Feb 2021

This week in Gaming After Dark it’s still a bit lighter in terms of news as of late but we had a healthy intro discussion about Nier Automata, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Medium and Binary Domain.

Gaming After Dark Episode 11

Posted on: 09 Jan 2021

This week in Gaming After Dark we hit our eleventh episode! It’s a bit of a lighter news week so we’re clocking in under an hour this go around. Topics this week include DSOG’s Game of the Year picks, Xbox Game Pass, Monster Hunter Rise and Cyberpunk 2077 sales.

Gaming After Dark, Episode 10

Posted on: 12 Dec 2020

This week in Gaming After Dark we hit our tenth episode! We started out May 17th to entertain ourselves during the covid lockdowns and now here we are 7 months later. Among other topics we discuss The Game Awards and Cyberpunk 2077’s launch (and bugs for that matter).

New Ubisoft job listings hint at potential Rocksmith sequel

Posted on: 26 Nov 2020

After five years, Ubisoft stopped releasing new DLC tracks for Rocksmith Remastered earlier this year. Since then the userbase has been on the look-out for details regarding a potential sequel to Ubisoft’s Rocksmith franchise. Now, job listings may have let the cat out of the bag.

Gaming After Dark Episode 9

Posted on: 21 Nov 2020

Back again with a juicier episode, there’s been more news to cover as of late. In this ninth episode we discuss the CyberPunk’s delay, the latest Halo patch and the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller’s reliability.

Gaming After Dark, Episode 8

Posted on: 25 Oct 2020

It’s actually been a fairly light handful of weeks in terms of news. None the less, in this eighth episode we discuss Outer Worlds coming to Steam, as well as rumors regarding a sequel.

Gaming After Dark Episode 7

Posted on: 27 Sep 2020

This weekend in the seventh episode of Gaming After Dark we discuss 3D realms ridiculous slate of new content, including the Ion Fury expansion, Microsoft buying Zenimax and what it means for them.

Gaming After Dark Episode 6

Posted on: 30 Aug 2020

Weekend content once more! In the sixth episode of Gaming After Dark we discuss the ominous Halo: Infinite delay, Gamescom being a nothing-burger and Mass Effect Remastered rumors.

Gaming After Dark Episode 5

Posted on: 09 Aug 2020

Weekend content once more! In the fifth episode of Gaming After Dark we discuss the somewhat disastrous Halo: Infinite demo, Microsoft’s struggles generically in managing their first party studios and output, Uncharted and the potential for Sony to port more games to PC after Horizon.

Gaming After Dark Episode 4

Posted on: 19 Jul 2020

Weekend content once more! In the fourth episode of Gaming After Dark we discuss Halo, a lot! I mean Combat Evolved, 2, 3, Reach, Infinite. The whole franchise. Master Chief Collection just keeps getting better and making itself one of the no-brainer values out there.