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DSOGaming – The Elder Scrolls Online – Review

Yes yes I know, this game came out some time ago, but exactly a week from the time that I am writing this The Elder Scrolls Online is ditching its subscription model which I’m sure has peaked the interest of many of our readers.

Lets get into the meat of it. This game is truly massive, but it still feels very small because of the game’s slow progression. If you are are coming from Skyrim and as soon as you were on your own you walked all the way across Skyrim, well be prepared to be disappointed. There are areas in this game you can’t get to without completing certain quests first. Not to mention the enemies’ levels are based off location not scaled to your level. These are to be expected of an MMO.

TESO’s biggest downfall is that it is more MMO than it is an Elder Scrolls game and this poses as a big problem for the fans of the series. TESO is more an MMO with an Elder Scrolls skin on it rather than a true blue Elder Scrolls game.

Hey, do you like fetch quests? Well you are going to be doing a lot of them. This happens to be the sole reason to why I cannot stand (most) MMOS is they constantly having you go to a location getting an item/person and bringing it/them back. The only exception is Guild Wars 2.

Now the Elder Scrolls Online isn’t all bad, as far as MMOs go it is definitely in my top 5 or more like top 3 considering I only really like 3 MMOs. If you go into playing this game expecting a well rounded MMO then it is incredibly rewarding, but if you expect to play a true to the series game then you are going to be terribly disappointed.

I wish I could go in to all the features of the game, but I would be here all night. Not to mention there was no way for me to “finish” the game in any sort of timely manner.

Alright so here it comes.

The Verdict:

Is the Elder Scrolls Online worth your money? Yeah I would say so. I wouldn’t go out and buy the special edition, stick to the standard edition.

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