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Linux and Gaming: Episode 4

Alright it’s about that time again, but I’m also going to take a moment to tell you guys about my plans for the next article. A lot of you have been asking about the performance differences between Linux and Windows in terms of games so I figured why not benchmark both of them? I have a few games in mind that I know for sure that I am going to test, but if any of you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments. Continue reading Linux and Gaming: Episode 4

Come Check Out Friday Night Stream, Spencer

Hey folks, seems these are becoming rather regular. I’m going to be streaming right now but will stop around 9PM Pacific and restarting around 10PM pacific. At first I’ll be starting with some Hand of Fate, I haven’t played it yet and we just got our review copy yesterday (mostly because we asked for one late, I’m dumb…. we already knew that). Later? Dota2! with viewers? Continue reading Come Check Out Friday Night Stream, Spencer