Skyrim Special Edition feature 2

This Skyrim Special Edition Mod overhauls numerous shields, armors and weapons

Modder ‘Xavbio’ has released new mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that overhauls numerous armors, shields and weapons.

Going into more details, this pack re-textures all Guard armors, Guard shields, Stormcloak Officer Armor and CC Civil war Champions’ Stormbear armor, shield and weapons. Additionally, it comes with optional retextures for Helgen Reborn, Falskaar, Midwood Isle and Open Face Guard Helmets. Not only that, but this pack has optional mesh replacers to add sleeves and pants to the guards and Stormcloak Officer sets.

Those interested can download this Texture Pack from here.

Do note that you won’t be able to use this mod with this pack that upscales all shields. After all, some shields may be present in both of them. So, in order to avoid any possible visual/graphical glitches, we suggest using only one of them.

On the other hand, you should be able to use this pack with the following ones. For instance, you can use it with these two interesting 8K Texture Packs that you can download from here and here. Additionally, you can find a 4K pack for all dungeons. And finally, don’t forget about Skurkbro’s Texture Pack which enhances the game’s landscape textures.

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Have fun!