Skyrim Special Edition Underground 4K Mod-6

This 4K Mod for Skyrim Special Edition overhauls all of its dungeons

XilaMonstrr has released an enhanced version of T4GTR34UM3R’s “Underground – a dungeon texture overhaul” mod for Skyrim Special Edition.

For those unaware, “Underground – a dungeon texture overhaul” project is a complete retexturing of all dungeons except the ships and the clutter. The mod covers Caves, Ice Caves, Mines, Nordic Ruins, Dwemer Ruins, Imperial Forts, Riften and the Apocropha dungeons.

XilaMonstrr has cleaned the textures of compression artifacts and upscaled them using chaiNNer and ESRGAN models to a maximum of 4K. The end result is amazing, and we highly recommend downloading it.

In theory, this mod should be compatible with the various Texture Packs we’ve shared. As such, you’ll be able to use it alongside this mod that adds high-quality/high-polygon NPCs. You can also use it with the 8K Texture Pack for ice surfaces, this 8K/4K Texture Pack, as well as this 4K Texture Pack for animals and creatures. Skurkbro’s High Quality Landscapes Texture Pack should also be compatible with it.

You can download Underground 4K from here. Below you can also find some screenshots showcasing the improved textures.

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