eFootball 2024 comparison

eFootball 2024 looks SIGNIFICANTLY better than its laughable 2022 version

Konami has released eFootball 2024, the latest version of its free-to-play soccer game. As such, YouTube’s “ElAnalistaDeBits” decided to compare eFootball 2024 against its 2023 and its laughable 2022 version. And, to be honest, the results are amazing.

As we stated back in 2021, eFootball 2022 was one of the worst game releases of that year. And in 2022, to the surprise of no one, Konami admitted that it rushed eFootball 2022 in order to release it.

eFootball 2024 features way better 3D models for most players and an improved lighting system. Seriously, compared to the 2022 version, eFootball 2024 looks like a next-gen game.

Konami has also improved the animations of most players and overhauled the game’s physics. From the looks of it, there aren’t any collision bugs/issues this time around (you know, hands and legs going through the bodies of other players).

Now I don’t know whether eFootball 2024 will be able to compete with EA Sports’ FC 24 game. According to the early trailers, EA’s soccer game looks better than Konami’s offer. Oh, and for those wondering, EA Sports FC 24 uses the Frostbite Engine whereas eFootball 2024 uses the Unreal Engine.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how eFootball 2024 looks. It may not look like a truly next-gen game, but at least it’s not looking like a mobile game. I also don’t like its free-to-play system but that’s a completely different topic.

Enjoy the following comparison video and stay tuned for more!

eFootball 2022 vs 2023 vs 2024 | Graphics Evolution | Analista De Bits