The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gets a mod that introduces dynamic animations based on the character’s skill level or race

Modder ‘JaySerpa’ has released a pretty cool mod for Skyrim Special Edition that introduces dynamic animations based on the character’s skill level or race.

The Skill Based Dynamic Animations Mod currently covers magic, archery and sneaking, and they are for both the player and the NPCs. In order to showcase the new dynamic animations, the modder shared the following GIFs.

Here’s an example. If your sneak skill is between 1 to 50, your character will use the game’s vanilla animations.

From 50 to 75 sneak skill, your character will have these “more sneaky” custom animations.

And then, above 75 sneak skill, you will have the ultimate sneaky animations.

You can download the Skill Based Dynamic Animations Mod for Skyrim Special Edition from here. Do note though that for archery/magic you’ll have to download other animation packs. The modder recommends Vanargand Animations – Archery and Goetia Animations – Magic Spells.

Since this mod will bring more variety to your character and NPCs, we recommend using it. In future versions, the modder would love to give each race their own power attack animations.

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Have fun!

[Skyrim SE/LE] Vanargand Animations - Archery