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Bio: Hello! My name Jak Connor I'm based in Australia and I picked up PCgaming as child when I was around ten years old. I mostly played RTS games back then, putting many hours into Age of Empires 1/2 and Age of Mythology. My love for PC gaming grew and stayed with me as I now have a passion for gaming and the amazing technology jumps developers show us all the time. I pledge that I will be bringing you fine people of DSOgaming the most unique and interesting news I can find!

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Star Wars Battlefront II – Game Modes and Maps Unveiled

Posted on: 29 Sep 2017

Not to long ago we saw a new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II which was narrated by John Boyega (Finn), EA has kept the ball rolling by revealing to us the maps and game modes which Battlefront II will be featuring.

Story-Driven Dungeon Crawler Fall of Light Released

Posted on: 29 Sep 2017

Independent studio RuneHeads has released their new story-driven dungeon crawler Fall of Light, located in a world of darkness players will battle through what seems like a very immersive atmosphere in hopes of reaching the only place on earth that draws light.

Skyrim Together Will Hopefully Be Available Next Month

Posted on: 28 Sep 2017

Skyrim being one of and if not the biggest RPG releases so far has had players wanting to be able to play the game together since it’s release back in 2011 – that just might be possible coming closer to next month.

Gigabyte Refuses Custom RX Vega 64 Production

Posted on: 27 Sep 2017

The lack of Vega GPU’s that AMD are able to provide to their partners has created quite a problem for partnering companies to release custom variants of Vega 64 graphics cards, and now Gigabyte has no plans for custom Radeon Rx Vega 64’s. UPDATED!

4-Player Co-op Shooter RAID: World War II Released

Posted on: 27 Sep 2017

Developer Lion Game Lion and publisher Starbreeze has released a new 4 player co-op shooter to  the steam market today, led by game director Ilija Petrusic the 4 player co-op shooter has a bunch of options players will be able to delve straight into.

Cyberpunk Action Shooter RUINER Now Available

Posted on: 26 Sep 2017

Reikon Games has released their new cyberpunk action shooter RUINER, accompanied by the launch we have a new trailer as well!

John Boyega Narrates New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer

Posted on: 26 Sep 2017

EA Star Wars has released a new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2, this trailer is narrated by John Boyega which played as Finn in recent releases of the Star Wars movie franchise.

Sc-Fi RPG Ancient Frontier Released on Steam

Posted on: 22 Sep 2017

The sci-fi RPG Ancient Frontier has been released on Steam, giving players the opportunity to take the helm of a space craft in the tactical turn-based combat that spans over 50+ hours.

DOOM 64 Vanilla Mods Can be Played on DOOM 1 and 2

Posted on: 21 Sep 2017

DOOM 64 has had it’s weapons, monsters, textures, menus and music copied and converted so it is playable on DOOM 1 and 2. This is called “DOOM 64 Vanilla” and is giving everyone the free opportunity to experience DOOM 1 and 2 but with a DOOM 64 skin overlay.

Battlefield 1 Incursions 5v5 Competitive Mode Alpha Has Gone Live

Posted on: 21 Sep 2017

Battlefield 1, notorious for its massive maps and lengthy combat from afar, has turned itself on its head with a new “competitive” mode being added to the game. “Incursions” will give players an opportunity for fast paced combat like nothing else seen in the Battlefield franchise.