DOOM 64 Vanilla Mods Can be Played on DOOM 1 and 2

DOOM 64 has had it’s weapons, monsters, textures, menus and music copied and converted so it is playable on DOOM 1 and 2. This is called “DOOM 64 Vanilla” and is giving everyone the free opportunity to experience DOOM 1 and 2 but with a DOOM 64 skin overlay.

NUEVO Doom MOD: "DOOM 64 VANILLA" MULTIPLAYER TEST - Zandronum 3.0 Bots (60fps)

For those that wish to experience DOOM 1 and 2 again and want a to take the nostalgia to the next level, mod creator VictorCajal has created DOOM 64 Vanilla. DOOM 64 Vanilla is a singular .pk3 file that combines all of the following from DOOM 64 into a playable mod for DOOM 1 and 2: Doom 64 weapons only + Doom 64 Monster Replacer + Doom 64 Texture Wad + New Menu D64 Style + Music.

This mod is compatible with any WAD of DOOM 1 and 2 and also compatible in any engine. For those that wish to play multiplayer this mod is also compatible in deathmatches against bots in Zandronum 3.0.

For those who wish to download the mod the link can be found here.


Source: Moddb


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