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Bio: Hello! My name Jak Connor I'm based in Australia and I picked up PCgaming as child when I was around ten years old. I mostly played RTS games back then, putting many hours into Age of Empires 1/2 and Age of Mythology. My love for PC gaming grew and stayed with me as I now have a passion for gaming and the amazing technology jumps developers show us all the time. I pledge that I will be bringing you fine people of DSOgaming the most unique and interesting news I can find!

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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Through Steam

Posted on: 02 Aug 2017

Stardew Valley has said that they now know enough about what to expect in the multiplayer aspect of the game and have released what players will be experiencing once they first enter.

Valnir Rok – Official Announcement Trailer

Posted on: 02 Aug 2017

Valnir Rok is an epic survival, role-playing adventure set in the time of the Vikings and ancient Norse mythology.

Titanfall 2 – Ultimate Edition Trailer Released

Posted on: 02 Aug 2017

Titanfall official YouTube page released its trailer for the upcoming Titanfall 2 – Ultimate Edition Trailer.

The Long Dark – “Make It Right” Launch Trailer Released

Posted on: 01 Aug 2017

Thrown into the¬†expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster ‘The Long Dark’ has finally released its launch trailer showing off everything to be expected from the Hinterland Studio.

1st Person Servers Added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Posted on: 01 Aug 2017

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is due for its big monthly update and this one might be one of the best one’s yet, adding 1st person servers, field of view slider and performance optimisations.