The Witcher 3 Redux feature

The Witcher 3 looks amazing in 8K with 50+ mods & Willy’s Lighting Mod

Digital Dreams has released a new video, showcasing The Witcher 3 in 8K with over 50 mods. Now contrary to their previous video, this time Digital Dreams did not use any Reshade Ray Tracing Mod. Instead, this video shows a beta version of Willy Wonka’s Lighting Mod.

From what we know so far, Willy’s lighting mod is a lighting/weather mod that is still in beta. Additionally, this lighting mod does not take advantage of any Reshade Ray Tracing effects. In short, it’s not as heavy as Marty McFly’s Reshade, meaning that it can run smoothly on a variety of GPUs.

To be honest, I prefer the look of the Reshade Ray Tracing Mod as it provides some cool post-processing ray tracing effects. And yes, you can use Reshade RT with Willy Wonka’s Lighting Mod. However, you’ll have to extensively test its settings and values so it can be compatible with this Lighting Mod.

Those interested can download its latest beta version from here. Furthermore, you can find here the list of mods that Digital Dreams used for this video.

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[8K] Witcher3 RTX 3090 - Willy's Lighting Mod Test for Kaer Morhen | 50+Mods