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Just Cause 3 in 8K/Extreme on NVIDIA RTX 3090 with Ray Tracing Reshade

Just Cause 3 was an amazing game that came out in 2015. Powered by the Avalanche Engine, Just Cause 3 packed some impressive graphics and explosions for its time. In fact, its sequel, Just Cause 4, felt like an inferior game and in some rare cases looked worse than it. And below, you can find a video showing it in 8K/Extreme settings on an NVIDIA RTX 3090 with Ray Tracing Reshade.

Now what I really love about Just Cause 3 is its colorful world. It’s not realistic, but it’s definitely beautiful. Sure there are some low-res textures here and there, however, I really like its art style.

As we’ve already reported, Marty McFly’s post-process RT solution can improve a game’s Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion effects. However, Reshade is only using depth information available in screen space in order to provide these “path tracing” effects. Furthermore, Reshade does not know the light direction which may lead to some “inaccurate” effects. So yeah, while it’s not as good as native RT, it can definitely improve the overall image quality.

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[8K] Just Cause 3 | RTX 3090 |Beyond all Limits Raytracing| EXTREME settings