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Batman Arkham Knight, Battlefield 1 & Metal Gear Solid 5 in 8K/Ultra on NVIDIA GeForce RTX3090

YouTube’s ‘Bang4BuckPC Gamer’¬† has shared some new videos, showcasing a number of PC games running in 8K and Max Settings on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX3090. To be more precise, the YouTuber showcased Batman Arkham Knight, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5 running in 8K/Ultra.

Batman Arkham Knight can run in native 8K with framerates ranging from 40fps to 68fps. Bang4BuckPC Gamer has also enabled most of the NVIDIA GameWorks effects (excluding Enhanced Light Shafts). Batman Arkham Knight still remains one of the best looking games (at least in my opinion), and it’s really amazing watching it running at such ridiculously high resolutions.

Surprisingly enough, Battlefield 1 was running with 60fps in 8K on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX3090. We all know that Frostbite is an amazing engine, however, I wasn’t really expecting a modern BF game to run with 60fps in 8K. Similarly, the RTX3090 had no trouble at all running Battlefield 3 in 8K.

On the other hand, Metal Gear Solid 5 ran with 45-55fps in 8K/Max Settings on the RTX3090. While MGS5 is a cross-gen game, it could not maintain a 60fps experience in 8K. Bang4BuckPC Gamer also tested SoulCalibur 6, which uses Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately, though, this fighting game could not maintain a constant 60fps experience in 8K on Max Settings.

Lastly, the YouTuber tested F1 2020 and Control in 8K with DLSS 2.0. Do note that all the aforementioned games were running in native 8K. F1 2020 and Control are the only games in which the YouTuber used DLSS 2.0. And, as we can see, F1 2020 runs with constant 60fps in 8K/DLSS on Max Settings which is really neat.

You can also find some other games running in 8K on the RTX3090 here.


Batman Arkham Knight High Settings 8K | RTX 3090 | Ryzen 9 3950X OC

Battlefield 1 Ultra Settings 8K | RTX 3090 | Ryzen 9 3950X OC

Battlefield 3 Ultra Settings 8K | RTX 3090 | Ryzen 9 3950X OC

Metal Gear Solid V Extra High Settings 8K | RTX3090 | Ryzen 3950X OC

SOULCALIBUR VI 8K | RTX3090 | Ryzen 3950X OC

F1 2020 Ultra Settings 8K DLSS Cockpit View | RTX 3090 | Ryzen 9 3950X OC

Control High Settings 8K DLSS + Ray Tracing Maximum | RTX 3090 | Ryzen 9 3950X OC