The Witcher 3 E3 artwork

9 minutes from The Witcher 3 in 8K with Ray Tracing Reshade & 50+ mods

Digital Dreams has shared a new video, showing nine minutes of gameplay footage from The Witcher 3 with Ray Tracing Reshade and 50+ mods. This is a follow-up to the previous TW3 video showcased running in 8K on an NVIDIA RTX 3090.

The Witcher 3 looks absolutely gorgeous in 8K. But what is the point of running a game in such high resolutions when most of you are still with a 4K/1440p monitor? Well, the answer is simple. By running a game at higher resolutions than your native one, you are basically eliminating jaggies as you are supersampling. In layman’s terms, you’re applying extra anti-aliasing.

Now obviously if you didn’t like the previous TW3 video, you also won’t like this one. Still, it’s fascinating watching games running at such high resolutions.

For this video, Digital Dreams also used the Vanilla Lighting 2.0 Mod. You can find and download the list of mods from here. You can also download the Vanilla Lighting 2.0 Mod from here.

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[8K] Witcher3 RTX 3090 - Vanilla lighting 2.0| Beyond all Limits Raytracing reshade | 50+Mods