Bloodborne header screenshot

Here’s your first look at Bloodborne running on PC via the PlayStation 4 emulator, shadPS4

It’s no secret that a lot of PC players have been asking for a PC port of Bloodborne. And while Sony does not appear interested in something like that, at least for now, we might soon be able to play it on PC. That is of course via emulation as the latest PlayStation 4 emulator, shadPS4, is now able to boot up and load the game.

Now before getting TOO excited, Bloodborne is NOT playable on the shadPS4 yet. Right now, the emulator can only load the game and go to the character screen (which in itself is a huge step). There are also major color issues and some visual artifacts. So no, you can’t play it yet. Still, this is the first time we see a PS4 emulator running Bloodborne on PC.

Just yesterday, we shared the news about shadPS4 running some 3D commercial games. And, from what we can see, its team released a new version for it. This new version, V0.1.1 is the one that can launch Bloodborne.

As the team noted, shadPS4 is the only PlayStation 4 emulator right now that can launch Bloodborne. The other six PS4 emulators (psOfffpPS4SpineRPCSXKyty and GPCS4) do not seem capable of doing something like this.

Again, this is a huge step towards emulating PS4. Thus, it will be interesting to see the progress of this emulator. From the looks of it, it seems to have the most potential out of all the PlayStation 4 emulators.

Now I’ll be realistic here and I’ll say it. Don’t expect to be playing Bloodborne on PC in 2025 (or even in 2026). It will take a long time until something like that happens. Still, this is a start, so kudos to the shadPS4 team.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Shadps4-v0.1.1 WIP bloodborne progress