Sony Playstation 5

Kyty is the first PS5 emulator for PC that is available for download

Developer InoriRus has released the first Playstation 5 emulator for the PC that you can download right now. Alongside PS5, Kyty can also emulate Sony’s previous game console, PS4. And although it is in a very early stage, it can launch some commercial PS4 games.

Before continuing, you should temper your expectations. No, you can’t run the latest PS4 games with this emulator. No, the performance of the emulated games is not that great. And no, this isn’t anywhere close to the quality of the best PS3 emulator (which still has major issues with numerous games), RPCS3.

According to InoriRus, Kyty lacks support for audio input/output, MP4 video, Network, and Multi-users. It cannot also display/run any commercial PS5 games.

For what it’s worth, Kyty is the third PS4 emulator that is in active development. The other two are Spine and GPCS4. All three of them are still in an early development stage.

You can download Kyty from here.

Have fun!

KyTy PS4 & PS5 Emulator for PC Testing | Now Runs Some Games