Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Wolves

A modder has brought all the foxes, wolves, bears, alligators, bison and wild boars of Red Dead Online to Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s no secret that Rockstar has added some animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can only find in its Online Mode. For unknown reasons, these animals are only present in Red Dead Online, and they can’t be found in the single-player mode. Well, until now. Modder ‘PlayRedThenStayDead’ has decided to bring a lot of those animals to the SP Mode, making the game’s wildlife more diverse and exciting.

Right now, the modder has released seven mod packs that cover Online Foxes, Wild Boars, Bison, Wolves, Alligators, Panthers and Bears. All of these animals have working skinning animations with even correct colored pelts.

These packs are really cool as you won’t be witnessing the same type of animals over and over throughout your playthrough. Since they are also official skins for RDO, they won’t break any of the game’s immersion. They will feel right and fine. So, make sure to get them if you’re still playing it.

You can download these mods from their aforementioned links. Do note, though, that you’ll also need the Online Content Unlocker. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use them.

Even to this date, RDR2 can look great on PC. However, its textures can look a bit low-res, at least by today’s standards. Thankfully, though, you can download some HD Texture Packs for it. For instance, there is a pack that upscales the textures of various objects like badges, boats, gravestones, food, and more. Then we have an HD Texture Pack for terrain, HD textures for ground and rocks, and an HD Texture Pack for vegetation.

Speaking of RDR2, here are some other cool mods for it. First up is a mod that introduces a very cool New Game+ Mode. Another mod revamps the interior lighting of buildings. And don’t miss out on the Visual Redemption Project. There’s also this mod that aims to overhaul its physics ragdolls and this mod that adds random world events. For some extra fun, there’s a gameplay mod that allows the player to use NPC-exclusive scenarios. You can also download this mod that adds fully functional cars to the game. Last but not least, there’s a mod that brings support for DLSS Ultra Quality & DLAA to the game, and another mod that allows you to explore Nuevo Paraiso.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!