PlayStation 4 feature

Here are 125 PS4 games running on the Playstation 4 emulator, Spine

John GodGames Emus shared a new video, showcasing 125 PS4 games running on the PC via the Playstation 4 emulator, Spine. This video is almost three hours long, featuring games such as Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, Harvest Moon – Light of Hope SE Complete and Garfield Kart Furious Racing, and more 2D/3D games.

Spine is one of the four main PS4 emulators for PC. The other three are Kyty, fpPS4 and GPCS4.

As I’ve said numerous times, these Playstation 4 emulators are in an early development stage. What this means is that you won’t be playing Bloodborne or Ghost of Tsushima on PC anytime soon. Still, the fact that they can already boot and run 3D games is astonishing.

What’s also crazy here is that the version of Spine that is being showcased here (version 20220517) is from May 2022. In theory, and if this emulator is still in active development, its latest version should run games better.


Spine PS4 Emulator - Massive 3 Hours Showcase of 125 Games 2D / 3D (Ubuntu - spine-20220517)