Need for Speed Underground 2 Unreal Engine 4

Someone is remaking Need for Speed Underground 2 in Unreal Engine 4

Need for Speed fans, here is something special for you today. YouTube’s ‘Ivan Novozhilov’ is currently remaking Need for Speed Underground 2 in Unreal Engine 4, and below you can find a video featuring 10 minutes of gameplay footage from it.

Contrary to most of the other Unreal Engine remakes we’ve shared, this one actually feels like a proper remake. In other words, it features proper gameplay mechanics. Players can drive cars, power slide, and destroy various objects. Hell, there is also a weather system, as well as music from both the Underground games.

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently any way to download this NFSU2 Remake. And, given how good this already looks, we are afraid that EA will immediately shut it down.

But anyway, here is the full list of features that the current WIP build of Need for Speed Underground 2 Remake in Unreal Engine 4 has.

Banging through the city

Need for Speed Underground 2 Remake in Unreal Engine 4 Features

  • turbo
  • -nitrous (not used here)
  • earn NOS back by doing some stuff (airborne, powerslide, almost crash…)
  • completely new steering.
  • optimized auto transmission and clutch
  • fixed slip ratio (no more stuttering)
  • collision sounds and sparks
  • suspension compression sounds
  • -sweetener (hear da backfire)
  • turbo, sweetener, engine, and transmission sounds are done and “picked” depending on the performance upgrade.
  • drastically changed driving behaviour. It’s still in the making and a lot of tweaking, strongly depends on slip angle and traction, these values are changed depending on the speed to allow arcade-y driving behaviour and nice drifts at low speed. depending on the game mode this may change in the future.
  • audio zones
  • reverb zones
  • named zones
  • every island has a distinctive colorization.
  • optimized graphics for much better performance and an overall more pleasant look.
  • optimized weather cycle
  • new textures
  • added more missing meshes
  • traffic node system(you cannot see but it is there)
  • more optimized camera shake
  • more optimized radial motion blur
  • destructible environment (signs, water barrels…)
  • music from UG1, UG2, MW is implemented.
  • whoosh sounds
  • new camera lag and rotation (lag)
  • drift score counter + nifty messages
  • drift zones (these blue red white striped decals) are used for additional multipliers along with speed for the drift score.
  • menus are in the making and already working partially but not shown here.