New version of Skyland, triple-A HD quality landscape texture pack for Skyrim, available for download

Modder ‘Johnrose81’ has released a new version of Skyland. Skyland is a triple-A quality landscape texture package consisting of individual handcrafted materials generated from programmatic textures.

According to the modder, this texture pack is non-parallax at 2k (2048x2048) generated from photogrammetry to offer very realistic, accurate, hi-resolution textures.

Skyland V3.6 offers new Rift fall textures including roads, new bridges, mine wood including doors, cave dirt cliffs, and Dark Brotherhood door.¬†Johnrose81 offers two packs; the first one is at 1K and weights around 290MB while the second is at 2K and its size is almost at 1GB. The modder also plans to release a parallax version of Skyland once it’s been completed.

Those interested can download this texture pack from here.

We strongly suggest using this mod with the Skyrim 3D Trees and the Unbelievable Grass Two Redux 1.3  mods for Skyrim.


Skyland: Comparison between Vanilla and Skyland 2.5